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Cloud PBX
with the CallCenter addon

RUNTEL - solution for companies that need more than virtual PBX

For developers

Runtel communications platform - a set of ready-to-use modules to build your own products

API for application integrations

Open API to make and sell your custom product

Web-phone addon

We provide a set of tools to integrate our web-phone into your website and web apps under your corporate style


PBX management is implemented through REST and JSON API

Integration into websites

To make better automated process and power analysis of the factors affecting your website’s conversion rates

Client management reporting

We provide formation of complicated reports that can be customised for the needs of the client

Several telecom operators

Runtel allows you to connect several telecom providers in order to provide redundant connections

Several CRM at once

We provide a platform that can be seamlessly integrated with several CRM at the same time

CRM Integrator Toolkit

The SDK provides methods to integrate PBX with CRM

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RunTel communications platform – white label cloud PBX


+7 495 134-30-60

+7 495 252-30-60




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And you do not exactly a robot?