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Cloud PBX
with the CallCenter addon

RUNTEL - solution for companies that need more than virtual PBX

Cloud PBX Features

Multi-level Call Forwarding

The Call-center allows you to organize call processing work with a multi-level call forwarding similar to the professional Call-centers.

Saving old phone numbers

The platform allows you easily to connect all your city phone numbers via SIP-protocol

Several CRM at once

We provide a platform that can be seamlessly integrated with multiple CRM simultaneously

The Prompter module

Leader may at the any time to connect to the phone conversation and help staff member in the negotiations. Only the staff member can hear the prompter


How it works

Wide opportunities for calls and business communication

IP telephony

Configuring Settings on any IP Phone


Calls through apps for PC, mac and other mobile devices

Web 2.0

Calls through personal account

The Auto Calls/Auto-Informer spend up work of Sales Department.

The staff members won't have to waste time on manually dialing numbers from database. Our system will automatically process your contacts with the required intensity

You can configure calls to transfer to available operators or play IVR scripts after successfull connection.

CRM Integration

Open API allows to integrate PBX with any CRM. You can also pick one of ready-to-use CRM integrations


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