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RUNTEL communications platform

For telecom providers

RunTel communications platform offers advanced features for telecom providers – providing the sale services of cloud PBX under telecom provider brand, flexible service system allowing the operator to work on the most favorable conditions for him

For corporate clients

RUNTEL - solution for companies that need more than virtual PBX

For CRM developers

We provide ready-to-use PBX platform with the CallCenter addon and with the abbility to integrate it into CRM

Solutions for telecom providers

RUNTEL communications platform it's your advanced features

White label cloud PBX

We offer a virtual PBX platform under your corporate style

Cloud or boxed mode

You can operate with a service in the cloud mode or install a boxed version on your server

Integration with Billing system

Open-source API provides you to connect any the sertificated billing system

Open-source API

Open-source API allows you to create a unique service

Flexible managing access permissions

Managing access permissions of operators as well as PBX users

Convinient notifications to your subscribers

Use all features of informing subscribers: mailing or voice notification about threshold balance

Convinient office for your subscriber management

User-friendly interface offers you real-time system management and the ability to dump client configuration

Hour Technical Support

3rd Line Tech Support works in 24/7 mode

Training for your engineers and managers

Our experts tech your staff and help you to migrate from third-party products as well as OpenSource

Fine-tuning a platfrom to suit your needs

Our developers implement functionality requested by your customers

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Solutions for business

RUNTEL communications platform it's new business opportunities

Multi-level Call Forwarding

The Call-center allows you to organize call processing work with a multi-level call forwarding similar to the professional Call-centers.

Saving old phone numbers

The platform allows you easily to connect all your city phone numbers via SIP-protocol

Several CRM at once

We provide a platform that can be seamlessly integrated with multiple CRM simultaneously

The Prompter module

Leader may at the any time to connect to the phone conversation and help staff member in the negotiations. Only the staff member can hear the prompter

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Solutions for developers

Runtel communications platform - a set of ready-to-use modules to build your own products

API for integration into the application

We provide the open-source API for developing your own applications

Web-phone addon

We provide a set of tools to integrate our web-phone into your website and web apps under your corporate style


PBX management is implemented through REST and JSON API

A set of ready-to-use modules for integration into websites

To make better automated process and power analysis of the factors affecting your website’s conversion rates

Client management reporting

We provide formation of complicated reports that can be customised for the needs of the client.

Several telecom operators

Runtel allows you to connect several telecom providers in order to provide redundant connections

Several CRM at once

We provide a platform that can be seamlessly integrated with several CRM at the same time

CRM Integrator Toolkit

The SDK provides methods to integrate PBX with CRM

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